Local Yogurt

We enjoyed dessert at Local Yogurt in Rockwood last night and I was really surprised how good it was. It was nothing like frozen yogurt I had ever tried before. It was really creamy and not at all icy like TCBY. Also, the plain tasted like yogurt (only sweeter), and that is a GOOD thing (in case you wondered). I also tried the coffee and while it was good, the plain was just SO GOOD, I think that will be my new standby. I am also contemplating a return trip tonight...plain yogurt with strawberries, here I come!

As for the name, well, they can't all be winnners, but at least they are trying to source as much local stuff as they can, and while the kiwi from last night was definitely not local (unless you count the grocery store), it seems they offer Foster's cookies and as the summer progresses I expect to see more local fruit. I can't wait until blackberry season!


Stephanie said...

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Carolina said...

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Triangle said...

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Amanda said...

Sounds awesome! Does it taste anything like PinkBerry in NYC/LA? Kind of tangy and sweet? Trader Joe's sells a fantastic low fat tart and tangy frozen yogurt too. I'm obsessed!

julia said...

I love local yogurt!! Just moved to durham a few months ago and am loving the food scene.
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