Grilled Watermelon

I should start out by saying, I don't really like watermelon. The taste to wateriness ratio does not make it worth it to me. When my husband showed me a recipe for grilled watermelon in Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything Vegetarian", I just had to try it. Afterall, I had a watermelon from my farm share and we needed to eat it.

I chose to try the olive oil and cayenne pepper rub to go on the melon slices before grilling them. Grilling watermelon is a strange thing. I found that you really need to turn the heat up to keep the water evaporating. Otherwise, it is pretty strait forward. Keep grilling and turning till it is as dehydrated and charred as you want. The end product is surprisingly sweet and caramelized. And the texture is not at all like watermelon but almost dense. I really liked it and if I ever find myself with watermelon again, I will make it!

For friends: This will make an appearance at Grill-Fest!


Rockwood Filling Station

So, I am back, after a much too long absence. I could blame it on almost moving, then not, and having my house packed up waiting for the real move. Or I could blame it on my stress combined with my slackness. But I am not one to place blame. Let me just say that this time next week I will have access to internet inside my new home and once I don't have to contend with the mosquitos, there will be no stopping me.

To the matter at hand: Rockwood Filling Station. I had dined there on its second night of operation but due to the abundance of reviews from every other Durham blogger, I just skipped my review. Tonight we went back and noticed some much needed changes and really had a fantastic meal (again). The first time we went, we got the wings, chicken liver pizza and milkshake. We loved the wings (but wish they had a more traditional option for take out, football season is starting up). Chicken should always be covered in lemon sauce and caramelized onions. As for the pizza, it was tasty. I did not know I liked chicken livers, but anything fried with caramelized onions has to be good! The milkshake left a lot to be desired, but I want to give it another try.

Tonight, we got salads and split the ham and egg pizza. My husband got the Ceasar salad and it was pretty good, nice and creamy. I got the arugula salad and it was wonderful. It had roasted red peppers (not advertized on the menu), toasted pine nuts and nice tangy salad dressing. The pizza was pretty good too. Important to note, they are now cutting your pizza for you. Very nice. That steak knife was not helping anyone. Also, they have beer. Lots of beer choices on tap. All in all, I had a wonderful dining experience (much better than cooking would have been tonight) and I highly suggest you try it out if you have not already.