Farewell to Summer

One of my favorite parts of summer is going to baseball games. We make an annual trip every year to Washington DC to see the Cubs play the Nats. Also we make it out to at least a dozen Bulls games and go to Greensboro a couple times to see the Grasshoppers. While I love watching the game and keeping score (yeah, I'm a nerd), I also love eating! So, last weekend, as a farewell to the regular AAA season, we went to the ball park and I got my favorite menu item at the DBAP, a footlong hotdog with Dillard's BBQ on top, extra mustard based BBQ sauce on top.

And since I am on the subject of hotdogs topped with yumminess from baseball stadiums, check out this gem from the Nats stadium, a blackened hotdog, topped with chili and cheese.

Summer, I am sure going to miss you. Football food is just not as good.

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